miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2013


Doping Thrower,’ Sculpture by Erik Ravelo
Fabrica Doping Thrower presents an art installation devised and executed by the Cuban artist Erik Ravelo at the Dray Walk Gallery (the Old Truman Brewery) in the heart of London

The sculpture was inspired by the Discobolus (the discus thrower), the famous statue by Myron, from around 445 B.C., which is a symbol of the passion for the Olympic Games and of the cult of human physical perfection. The Doping Thrower is completely smothered in hundreds of multicolour capsules, phials and tablets and even a drip feed.en as a criticism of the anti-doping system which often, in the name of economic power, does fully not safeguard the health of athletes. This deviation from the concept of fair play is unsportsmanlike and dangerously widespread amongst young amateur or occasional athletes who take seriously health-threatening drugs despite having a perfectly healthy body.
The installation can be seen until 6 August (11:00 – 19:00).